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Indaz Argentina is a company dedicated to the manufacturing of rims and wire wheels for cars. Our trademark is IZ. The objective of this company is to bring a comprehensive solution for wire wheels, hubs and their knock off, by performing their partial or complete manufacturing, restoration or maintenance.

The wide variety of designs allows their installation in classic, sports, ancient, vintage, baquet, contemporary, hot rod, and low rider cars, among others. If necessary, a custom design according to the requirements of the customer can be made.

The particularity of the product has lead us to develop our own rims, centers, hubs, spokes, and nipples, among others. We are in permanent development of pieces, tooling and machines, not only for creating new products, but also for improving the quality of the already existent ones. We provide car manufacturers, museums, restorers and collectors in Argentina and all over the world.


In order for our customers to enjoy their vehicles comfortably and safely, we provide support services for the products and we put all our experience at their disposal. You should always keep in mind that rims are safety elements, which is why they should be controlled and repaired only by qualified and appropriately equipped staff. We offer restoration or maintenance of rims with varying degrees of deterioration, replacing the pieces that are needed in each case. Our criterion is to try to keep as many original pieces as possible, as long as the safety of the wheel is not compromised. We also check

wheel centering and the tension of the spokes. If all the components are in good conditions, an embellishment of the rims can be performed, whether it is by sandblasting and painting, or by chroming. Our experience and the large amount of information supplied, along with bibliography of the time, allow us to offer custom designs or research on old models.